Modern crystal chandelier

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Come out of the cocoon and fly highBuild a healthy, energy-saving and environmental quality lighting brand

Ingenuity qualityFamily life is about the quality of lighting, which has become a reality
  • Introduce abroad
    Complete production and processing equipment
  • certified product
    Quality / safety / environmental triple guarantee
  • With high quality raw materials
    And quality accessories
  • luxurious
    Suitable for middle and high-end crowds
  • Two-color stepless dimming
  • Plug-in design
  • intelligent control
  • Light arm glows up and down

    Two-color stepless dimming

    Light color from 3000-7000, cold light to yellow light
    Brightness is adjustable from 20% -100%

    Plug-in design

    Lampshade and lamp arm
    Lamp arm and lamp body adopt plug-in wireless connection

    intelligent control

    Download the APP on your mobile phone, and you can turn on / off the light, adjust the color and brightness through the Bluetooth connection
    You can also connect to ** spirits for voice control!

    Light arm glows up and down

    Light arm glows up and down
    Good brightness, strong light transmission, excellent lighting effect

The Ming family · Product

Close to innovation and redefining lighting with the future

  • Living room lights
  • Restaurant lights
  • Bedroom lights
  • wall lamp
  • Aisle lights
  • Villa Hotel Chandelier
Mingjue family brand

Founded in 2008 in Guzhen Town, China's lighting capital. Committed to the research and development, production and sales of LED modern lamps and modern crystal lamps.After ten years of exploration and research, 2018 successfully broke through the LED application technology and the structural technology of the chandelier, so that consumers do not need to assemble the chandelier themselves, and it is easier and more worry-free to install and use the chandelier. It has obtained 5 national utility model patents and inventions. 3 patents and 100 appearance patents.

Case of Ming Jue · Appreciate

Customers' trust is worthy of trust



Brand precipitation

Mingjue family brand has more than ten years of brand history, has a complete R & D and production team, the product covers the mid-to-high-end customer group, the firm brand positioning has won the needs of most of the customer group, won a number of brand honors and national technology patent

Fast and direct supply from the manufacturer

Owned workshop, own production team, sufficient lighting raw materials inventory to ensure timely supply, minus intermediate links, end customers enjoy direct supply prices, price protection policies for regional dealers, and ensure their profit margins

Differentiated product selling points capture the market

The introduction of foreign production and processing equipment, the design has obtained 5 national utility model patents, 3 invention patents, 100 appearance patents.

It has also achieved the industry-leading level of LED two-color stepless dimming.

One stop standard service

Provide specific design solutions according to individual needs. Sales and service centers are located in major cities. Regular telephone return visits are provided. Warranty services are provided. The products are guaranteed for 2 years.

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