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Ming (Ming) Juejia brand was established in 2008 in Guzhen Town, China's lighting capital. Committed to the research and development, production and sales of LED modern lamps and modern crystal lamps. After ten years of exploration and research, 2018 successfully broke through the LED application technology and the structural technology of the chandelier, making it easier for consumers to assemble the chandelier themselves, and it is easier and more worry-free to install and use the chandelier, while also saving packaging volume and greatly reducing Packaging and shipping costs. It has obtained 5 national utility model patents, 3 invention patents, and 100 appearance patents. The LED two-color stepless dimming has also achieved the industry-leading level, and the establishment of "Baoxi Technology" has laid the foundation for becoming a national high-tech enterprise.

At the same time, the brand name has also been upgraded to:       

Moral meaning: come out of the cocoon, spread your wings and fly high.

We have always believed that technological innovation is the vanguard productivity, and adhering to the heart of artisans to make better and more practical lamps to give back to consumers.


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