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Whats so special about a crystal light bulb

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Whats so special about a crystal light bulb



Crystal lighting is no longer a patent of the royal family and nobles. Many families will consider choosing a crystal lamp with a magnificent color to create a home atmosphere. So what are the main parts of the crystal lamp material structure? In fact, the crystal lamp is mainly composed of three parts, crystal ball, lamp holder, and crystal accessories.

     Hotel crystal lamps are symmetrical items. The obvious feature is the strict spatial relationship. If the process error is large, a lot of manpower and time will be wasted when the lamp is assembled, and the quality will be affected. Even when it is installed, many problems will occur. After installation, the lamp may be skewed. To determine whether the hardware technology is good, you can find a chandelier with many rings to see if all the rings are well-formed. From the side of the lamp, are they regular concentric circles? From the side, are the height differences of all the rings the same? . Crystal lamps are very symmetrical and uniform lamps, and the production data needs to be quite rigorous. It is easy to discern high and low places with the naked eye.

     All modern crystal chandeliers of hotel crystal lamps are very convenient to install, just need to tighten the lamp mouth like ordinary light bulbs, simple operation, easy scrubbing, and very easy to use. It solves the problem that traditional crystal lamps are difficult to be sanitary and difficult to install. You only need to wipe it with gloves. The entire crystal is very bright and transparent. Even if it is broken, you do n’t need to change the driver, you do n’t need to disassemble the lamp holder. It can be replaced, which fundamentally solves the after-sales installation problem for ordinary people.



The genuine 24K gold plated lamp holder can maintain its bright color for at least 5 years; acid gold or imitation gold treated lamp holders are often not easy to identify when buying new lamps. Consumers should go to a good reputation and sell high-end lamps. Shops are more suitable. If it is not treated with 24K gold, the short time is 2-3 months, and the long time is one year and a half, and the surface of the lamp holder will appear black rust spots.

     Wires and lamp holders: High-end modern crystal chandelier lamps and lanterns will use nationally certified wires with high safety coefficient and excellent quality. Low-grade, shoddy wires and lamp caps will not only damage the rights and interests of consumers, but also lead to sticky wires, easy aging, short circuits, and severe consequences such as fire. Lighting effect: In order for crystal lighting to give full play to its effect, the light source must be clear. Do not use frosted or color bulbs. Simply match ordinary clear and bright light bulbs (commonly known as "light bulbs") to achieve the magnificent effect of crystal lights. You can also add a light and dark adjustment switch to meet the needs of different times and occasions.

     The hotel's crystal lamp for lighting decoration breaks the traditional bulb design. The crystal lamp is integrated with the light source, which is simple and elegant, with enhanced light efficiency and improved grade. They add crystal elements on the basis of light bulbs, innovative appearance, and use crystal light effects, refraction, and transparency as advantages to do these crafts, including crafts and arts, and the natural grade will be much higher than ordinary. , Its very good light effect, and ordinary light bulbs are incomparable.

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