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How crystal lamp manufacturers identify the mask material of crystal lamps

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How crystal lamp manufacturers identify the mask material of crystal lamps



There are many manufacturers of crystal lamps on the market, and the mask materials used by each other are different. Commonly, there are acrylic masks, plastic masks and glass masks. The good thing is the imported acrylic mask which has been stretched twice. Acrylic is a kind of plastic, which is characterized by softness, lightness, good light transmission, not easy to be dyed, and will not turn yellow due to chemical reaction with light and heat. Transparency is a concern for customers.

    Generally, the transparency of plastic masks reaches 60%, while the acrylic can reach more than 90%, and the acrylic masks with secondary stretching have very uniform light transmission. The light source cannot be seen from the surface, and the plastic is worse. , The glass is even worse, if it is not installed securely, it will hit people. The price is also high in acrylic, generally 40w is more than 100, and good brand retail is about 140. Plastic only needs about 60, 70, good brand manufacturers generally do not have this product, only crystal lamp manufacturers do, many made of saliva material, low cost, poor heat resistance, easy to turn yellow. Glass is even cheaper and can only be seen in the small building materials market and in remote areas. When buying, you can first press the mask with your hand to see how soft it is, it is better to have flexibility.

    1. Average life: This is different from other products. The light source refers to the average life, that is, a batch of light sources light up at the same time, when 50% of the light source failure time, it is the average life of this batch of light sources. General ceiling lamps are guaranteed for one year. In fact, the life span is far more than one year, so you can use them with confidence.



2. Light effect: This indicator is very important, which means how much light is emitted by different light sources at the same time, consuming the same amount of power. In other words, the same amount of light may consume different amounts of electricity. A light source with high light efficiency must be more energy-efficient than a light with low light efficiency.

    3. Strobe: The number of times the light source flashes every second. Why do some home fluorescent lamps always feel that it is flashing, in fact, the electrical appliances are not good and can not provide him with stable voltage. Damage to eyesight.

    4. Luminous flux: As the name suggests, it is how much the light source emits.

    5. Color temperature: It is the temperature of the color of the light source, which is generally called "yellow light" and "white light". In fact, it is generally expressed in the industry by numerical values. Yellow light is "below 3300k", white light is "more than 5300k", and there is a middle color "3300k-5300k".

    6. Color rendering: the degree of reaction of the light source to the true color of the object. It is generally believed that the response of sunlight and incandescent lamps to object colors is good and real, so their color rendering is defined as 100. Generally, a color rendering index above 80 is a better light source, but ceiling lamps generally fail to reach .


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