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Briefly explain the causes of failure of modern light luxury crystal chandeliers and their solutions

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Briefly explain the causes of failure of modern light luxury crystal chandeliers and their solutions



Nowadays, there are more and more ideas for smart home, so now many crystal lamps are controlled by one switch to control multiple colors of crystal lamps. Not only that, many large lamps can be controlled by remote control. This can be avoided. Many children with “lazy cancer” have been in bed for a long time and do n’t want to get up and turn off the tangled scene of the light, just press the remote control lightly, but if the crystal light switch fails, the crystal light switch remote control cannot be used. How to do it, the crystal lamp manufacturers will analyze it below, but if the crystal lamp switch fails, the reason why the remote control of the crystal lamp cannot be used, and provide maintenance solutions.

      First, the reason and maintenance of the remote control failure of the crystal light switch



A. Reason phenomenon: The remote control of the crystal light switch cannot be used, the crystal light switch cannot be turned on, and the remote control has no response. This is caused by the power failure. The crystal light manufacturer can repair it through some methods, but the remote control has no power. Transmit the signal, can the lamp receive the signal, non-professionals still handle it with caution.

     B. Maintenance method:

     1. Check whether the power switch has tripped.

     2. Check whether the switch is damaged.

     3. Check if the control line of the crystal lamp is open.

     4. If the above is normal, the crystal lamp is damaged.

     Second, the cause and solution of the failure of the crystal light switch

     The crystal light switch is still turned off, because the capacitor is the path for the mains AC power, after the switch is turned off. This kind of question has been answered once by others. The appliance controlled by the switch can still be connected to the power through a distributed capacitor connected in parallel at both ends of the switch. You should think of a solution. However, the operating current of LEDs belongs to the milliamp class (depending on the type of LED in the range of 10 to several hundreds of milliamps. This is a common phenomenon using LED lamps.

     In addition to the distributed capacitance of the external wiring, there are also big differences between the luminaires composed of LEDs and driving circuits (both have multiple types). Guess what your LED situation is, the leakage current after turning off the switch is not enough to make your LED bright, but the constant current source (ancillary device to ensure the normal long-life operation of the LED) has a rectified filter capacitor inside the circuit, etc. After the small leakage current is fully charged, the rear circuit can start to supply power to the load LED to emit light. Because the storage capacity of the capacitor is only maintained for a short time, the LED is highlighted after it is turned off, and the capacitor enters the next leakage current. The slow charging process, so cyclical, it seems no surprise that the regular LEDs are on and off.


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