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Does the crystal lamp consume power?

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Does the crystal lamp consume power?



If the installed crystal light in the room lights up, it is beautiful. The bright crystal lights illuminate the room like shining stars in the night sky. However, large crystal lamps are also very power-consuming, because if the crystal lamp is turned on, the power required is several times that of ordinary lamps.

     Let's take a look together. The average modern crystal light pendant lamp is relatively power-consuming, but I know that the crystal light of smart space has an LED chip inside, which is energy-saving. Not only is it superior in lighting effects, but it is also excellent in environmental protection and energy saving. You can choose different lighting in different environments, which will not cause light pollution and play an environmental protection role.

     When choosing a crystal lamp, be sure to choose according to the size of the space and the shape of the lamp. Insiders pointed out that according to the space requirements, the living room of 20 square meters to 30 square meters should choose a crystal lamp with a diameter of about 1 meter. You can choose according to different families and different rooms. Many multi-room families are mainly used for the living room, so they mainly use atmospheric, beautiful ceilings and hanging crystal lamps.



After a period of time, the low-end modern crystal chandelier will dim, and the bracket will show rust, while the high-end chandelier will not change color for two to three years or even longer.

     The above is some knowledge about the power consumption of crystal lamps. Everyone knows that intelligent crystal lamps can be selected when purchasing crystal lamps, which can save power. Let the crystal lamp light up to different degrees when needed, without causing waste. There is also a choice of better brand products when purchasing crystal lamps. Branded products are not only of good quality, do not rust and discolor, but also design energy-saving links in the structure to reduce the power consumption of the crystal lamps.

     Some young people or newly married people, when decorating the bedroom, may wish to choose exquisite charming, warm-toned multi-dangle wall crystal lamps; if you want to install a crystal lamp in the kitchen, you can install an energy-saving A pendant crystal lamp for a warm life.

     The service life of different grades of crystal lamps is also different. Although the difference between high and middle gears is not significant, the quality difference between high and low gears is obvious. Consumers should first look at its colorful effect when buying a crystal lamp, and then look at its gold-plated layer. Generally, high-end metal accessories are mostly electroplated 24K gold. Rust, low-end can not achieve this effect, two or three months will lose its original color.

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