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Defects in the development of hotel crystal lights

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Defects in the development of hotel crystal lights



Hotel crystal lights play a significant role in enhancing the quality of the space and decorating the space, and are deeply loved by people. However, just as things have two sides, hotel crystal lamps also have shortcomings, and these deficiencies restrict the development of hotel crystal lamps to a certain extent.

    1.High prices

    The crystal lamp of the hotel is no doubt whether it is lighting or decorative effect, but its high price is not acceptable to ordinary wage earners. A large hotel crystal lamp can cost tens or even millions of yuan, and an ordinary Swarovski crystal ball costs about one hundred yuan. Therefore, even in high-end hotel engineering projects, the owner is very sensitive to the price of hotel crystal lamps. Many parties, including designers, choose the order of hotel crystal lamps in order of style-cost-quality-brand (sometimes Cost and style are reversed).

    Some crystal lamp manufacturers' excessive attention to prices will inevitably lead to vicious price competition among their peers. At first glance, it may seem to be a benefit to consumers, but in fact, too low prices will often lead to cut corners, affect product quality, and eventually lead to hidden safety risks.



2. Serious product homogeneity

    Looking at the hotel crystal lamp market today, "Products are highly homogeneous, but the appearance is the same but the quality is uneven. On the one hand, it increases the difficulty for consumers to purchase, and on the other hand, the defective product floods the market and adversely affects the lamps themselves. The market capacity of genuine products. "A lighting crystal lamp manufacturer bluntly pointed out a major drawback of the hotel crystal lamp market currently.

    3. Weak brand awareness

    According to a survey conducted by designers in this magazine, about 80% of designers do not pay attention to hotel crystal lamp brands, and only 20% of designers can name 2-3 hotel crystal lamp brands. It can be seen that the importance of brand building in the entire hotel crystal lamp industry is still insufficient.

    4. Does not meet energy-saving requirements

    At present, incandescent light bulbs are commonly used in hotel crystal bulbs. However, it is well known that incandescent light bulbs are high energy-consuming products, which is contrary to the current trend of energy saving and emission reduction. Therefore, this is also the place where hotel crystal lights have been criticized.

    5.Troublesome cleaning and maintenance

    The brand-new hotel crystal lights, crystal clear and bright, really make people put it down. However, after one year or two, the hotel crystal lamp will slowly lose its former style because it adheres to some air dust. The complicated technology of hotel crystal lamps makes the later sanitary cleaning more troublesome, and the incandescent bulbs used by them do not have a long life, so it also increases the maintenance cost.


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